Magnetic rope testers

State-of-the-art technology for magnetic rope testing in the digital age
Rope test 4.0 with ROTEC

The advancing digitalization and the technical developments associated with it also offer many new advantages and possibilities in the non-destructive testing of ropes.

Based on the latest technology, ROTEC GmbH has developed a completely new system for the magnetic testing of wire ropes as well as state-of-the-art rope testing equipment.

In addition to established induction coils, a novel sensor concept is used. All mechanical and electronic components are integrated in the testing device itself, so that no special peripherals are required. Likewise, no cabling is required.

Control and monitoring are convenient, wireless, from any tablet PC or notebook.

The advantages of the new ROTEC test system at a glance:

  • Portable devices that can be easily adapted to different rope diameters (ROTEC EXPERT Device)
  • Stationary devices for permanent, online-based rope monitoring (ROTEC SMART Device)
  • real-time evaluation
  • High-resolution 3D evaluation: localization of defects over the rope cross-section
  • Data transmission via WLAN, no external cabling required
  • Intuitive operation thanks to self-developed software
  • Database-based, thus direct link to predecessor checks
  • Small, lightweight and ergonomic design thanks to Li-Ion battery technology and self-developed electronics
  • Splash-proof, easy-to-clean housing
  • Made in Germany

The production and distribution of the rope testing devices is carried out by ROPESYS GmbH under licence ROTEC GmbH.
The rope testers are available in the first sizes. Further standard and special sizes are planned.

HERE you will find an overview of the different devices and sizes.

Within the framework of the central innovation programme for small and medium-sized enterprises (ZIM) of the working group
of industrial research associations “Otto von Guericke” e.V. (AiF) supports the Federal Ministry of
ROTEC GmbH and innovative development of the new rope testing system.