Rope inspection devices of the latest generation – available NOW

Rope inspection devices of the latest generation – available NOW

New development

Since its foundation, ROTEC GmbH has been intensively engaged in the development of state-of-the-art rope testing equipment. In recent years, a completely new and innovative rope testing system has been developed which is now being marketed under license from ROPESYS GmbH.




The resulting device series takes an innovative approach to sensor technology without being unfaithful to its basic physical principle. In addition to conventional induction coils, the new sensor technology also includes as standard up to 46 Hall sensors on the circumference of the rope, which allow damage to be resolved three-dimensionally and information on the loss of metallic cross-section to be quantified.

In order to avoid interference, the analog signal pre-processing and digitization is already performed in the sensor head, thus keeping the path of the analog signals extremely short. The operation is designed intuitively and offers the user new and innovative analysis and evaluation possibilities.

Due to the measurement data display via Wi-Fi as well as a modular design, external cables are reduced to a minimum and thus simplify the handling even more.

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