Magnetic rope testers

State-of-the-art technology for magnetic rope testing in the digital age

rope inspection 4.0

Progressive digitalization and the associated technical developments also offer many new advantages and possibilities in the non-destructive testing of ropes.

From decades of experience in magnetic wire rope testing, a device concept has been developed which meets the requirements of versatile testing tasks as well as safe, reliable data generation and rope evaluation.

  • Wireless operation and visualisation of the measurement. Measurement is continued even if the connection is interrupted and can be operated again when the connection is re-established.
  • Innovative sensor concept with 2 induction coils and up to 48 hall sensors, which are analogue pre-processed and digitalised directly in the sensor head.
  • LF- and LMA-Signals available.
  • 3D localisation of the defects possible.
  • More efficient magnet types than comparable systems.
  • External cables are reduced to a minimum.
  • In addition to the well-known expert system for testing service providers, an automated “Smart Device” is also available, which automatically analyses and evaluates the condition of a rope. The user gets the condition of his rope explained simplyfied.

Key Features:

  • Database-based storage system for measurements including synchronisation option between test-devices and evaluation technology.
  • Measurements can be stored and analysed on the test-device.
  • A synchronisation with a central database is available and allows the convenient analysis of the data on another computer at a later date
  • The software runs completely on the test device. This means that it can be operated with any Internet-capable device with a standard browser.
  • Familiar editing functions, such as cutting, moving, etc. are available.
  • The software automatically checks the functionality of the sensors. A self-check is carried out before each measurement, whereby the target values are stored on the sensor itself. Also an unintentional installation of different sensor sizes is  eetected and communicated to the user.
  • The software itself carries out a standard evaluation and immediately indicates the degree of discard maturity to the user.
  • In addition to manual measurement data such as lay length and diameter, the user is free to add photos of the detected defects and link them directly to the corresponding defect.
  • The user can generate a PDF report for the analysed data, which contains the measurement conditions, all defects and the standard evaluation.
  • Made in Germany

The production and distribution of the rope testers is carried out by ROPESYS GmbH under license ROTEC GmbH
The rope testers are available in the first sizes. Further standard and special sizes are in planning.

HERE you get an overview of the different devices and sizes

Within the framework of the central innovation program for medium-sized businesses (ZIM) of the
of industrial research associations “Otto von Guericke” e.V. (AiF) is funded by the Federal Ministry
for economy and energy the ROTEC GmbH and innovative development of the novel rope testing system.


Here you can download the current brochure: