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Fields of application


The magnetic rope testers are offered in the R (round/closed) and U (bottom open) series.
Depending on the area of application, the optimum design can thus be selected.
While R-magnets completely enclose the rope during the test and can be arranged as desired, U-magnets allow the rope to pass obstacles such as support saddles or rope riders.

Cable cars

We offer rope testing equipment for track ropes, haul ropes, suspension ropes, tensioning ropes and guy ropes of ropeways. For every rope-diameter

Cable bridges

ROPESYS GmbH offers various rope testing devices that are specially adapted to the needs of bridges. This means that the cables of cable-stayed bridges, suspension bridges or under-span bridges can be tested non-destructively over their entire cable cross-section.


Our splash-proof and dust-proof test equipment is used in crane systems of any size and type


For the offshore industry, we offer heavy-duty rope testing equipment that is adapted to the harsh environmental conditions.

Amusement rides

All ropes of amusement rides such as freefall towers, roller coasters or observation towers can be inspected for their condition by means of our rope testers

Ship lifts

Our test equipment monitors the hoisting ropes of ship lifts

Storage and retrieval machines

Storage and retrieval machines are among the most important elements of high-bay warehouses. Regular maintenance and inspection are therefore of key importance. With the help of our rope testing equipment, both the availability and the safety of the equipment can be greatly increased.

Cable structures

Rope structures literally hang by their ropes. For the testing of these load-bearing devices we offer rope testers specially adapted to the specific application

Mines and shaft hoisting systems

In the field of mines and shaft hoisting systems we offer single and multiple rope testing devices for non-destructive testing of hoisting ropes


For the non-destructive testing of elevator ropes, we use special testing equipment that is specially adapted to the confined conditions of parallel running ropes.

Construction machinery & equipment

For the highly stressed rope drives of modern construction machinery, such as drilling rigs, we offer rope monitoring systems that permanently monitor the rope condition while communicating with the machine control system.

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