– more than a normal rope inspection device

The multi-channel system, high-resolution 3D sensors, automatic lay length measurement, wireless real-time display, permant installations with real-time analysis and many more features make the ROPESYS rope testing system a revolution in non-destructive rope testing




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Fields of application

ROPESYS rope testing systems can be used for all types of steel ropes:

  • Crane systems
  • Mines and shaft hoisting systems
  • Bridges and cable structures
  • Cable cars
  • Zip-Lines
  • Amusement facilities like freefall towers
  • Offshore
  • and many more


ROPESYS offers state-of-the-art technology for non-destructive rope testing:

  • Multi channel system
    • 3D rope testing (high resolution testing)
    • Various, independent LF channels (local faults)
    • LMA (Loss of Metallic Area)
    • Lay length
  • Wireless thanks to WIFI
  • No external electronics & wiring required
  • Computing on the edge
  • Easy to use software
  • automatic, customizable report generator
  • Many export functions for connection to your system
  • Direct standard comparison


  • How does magnetic rope testing work?
  • When and, above all, HOW can I use them sensibly?
  • What are the safety and financial advantages of magnetic rope testing?

We answer questions like these and many more about working with magnetic inductive rope testing equipment in our training courses.

Rope inspection devices

ROPESYS offers you the best rope inspection device for your application:

  • R-Series rope inspection equipment for rope diameters 6-140mm and beyond
  • U-Series rope testers optimized for suspension rope testing and special applications
  • wide range of accessories:
  • Special designs for your applications
    • Guide rails and rollers
    • Automatic lifting and opening devices
    • IATA certified aircraft transport boxes
    • and more.

ROPESYS – Your specialist for modern rope testing equipment

ROPESYS GmbH offers a modern system for magnetic inspection of ropes in different sizes and types. The technology is based on the developments of the experts of ROTEC GmbH, which are built and distributed under license by ROPESYS GmbH.

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