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The core competence of ROTEC GmbH

As a recognized expert body for ropeways and thanks to the many years of experience of the test engineers, a wide range of services for ropeways can be offered – regardless of whether it is a small surface lift or a superlative ropeway. In this function, ROTEC GmbH looks after a large number of ropeway installations in Germany and all over the world.

Inspection services for ropeways

An excerpt of the testing services offered for ropeways:

  • Magneto-inductive rope testing of suspension, hauling, carrier, tensioning and guy ropes
  • Semi-automatic visual rope inspection by means of camera system
  • Regular inspection of ropeways and ski lifts
  • Special electrotechnical inspection on ropeway installations
  • Acceptance of new ropeway and ski lift installations (incl. statics and fire protection)
  • Supervision and acceptance of modifications to existing ropeway installations
  • Expert opinions on ropeway installations and ropeway technology

Regular inspection of ropeways

A large number of large and small ropeway operators rely on the competence and experience of ROTEC test engineers.
For example, we are in charge of the 3S ropeway in Koblenz, one of the most modern urban ropeways in the world.

Acceptance of new ropeway constructions

We perform several design and acceptance tests of new ropeway installations of leading ropeway manufacturers every year.

Magnetic and visual rope inspection

For existing installations as well as in some cases for new installations, we carry out the acceptance of the rope in accordance with TL BO Rope on site at the rope manufacturer’s premises when manufacturing a new hauling, conveying or suspension rope. As soon as the rope comes to its use on the ropeway installation, we inspect it regularly magneto-inductively and visually.

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